laid-back, friendly guy who loves to have a good time and make people laugh to create genuine timeless images

Your wedding, maternity & newborn photographer townsville & North Queensland

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chef by trade,
avid gamer
anime enthusiast

My photography style is true to colour, meaning I strive to capture images as they appear in real life, with minimal alteration or manipulation. I also believe in deep and meaningful editing, enhancing images to convey emotion and tell a story.

When it comes to subjects, I prefer candid shots over posed, as this allows me to capture honest and genuine moments. Overall, my goal is to create timeless, authentic and expressive images that resonate with my clients.

hi, i'm Jamie.

Attention to detail is paramount!

i'm a chef by trade

Structure and dedication is in my blood

i'm from a ADF family

There is depth and emotion that cannot be told in colour!

i love monochrome